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The 2015 British Grand Prix Is Sun July 5, 2015 - Don't Miss It!

By: Russell Potvin

Wed. Jan. 07, 2015

FF1 British Grand Prix Betting Odds

Up comes another date for the calendar for all FF1 enthusiasts and that is July 5, 2015, the date of the 2015 British Grand Prix. Silverstone is the home of motorsport in Britain and it is here where the first Formula 1 race was contested! It is widely recognised as a crown jewel deeply embedded within the history of its sport.

The Silverstone Site Pre-FF1 - It Used To Be An Airfield!

The 2015 British Grand Prix may now be considered to be a regular annual event, but it had been threatened with closure due to bad highway access for the fans. It cost the organisers millions of pounds in altering the local roadways for easier access to save this historical site.

Silverstone started out life as an airfield and after the Second World War, Britain was left without a major race track. James Wilson-Brown a former farmer, who at the time was employee by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC), was given two months to do the impossible. His bosses gave him the task to turn what was a wartime airfield into a motorsport race track, in preparation for the RAC's first International Grand Prix.

Amazingly the first race which was held on October 2, 1948, attracted an audience of 100,000. Fans flocked to see Luigi Villoresi beat 22 other contestants at a top speed of 72.2 mph in his Maserati. History was written and this was the advent of what has now evolved into the high profile global competition that it is today, with some of the highest paid performers in any sport there is.

Rosberg And Hamilton - The Kings Of Mercedes

As has been the case since Britain's Hamilton made the switch to Mercedes, the spotlight will be firmly on his performance and rivalry between fellow German driver Nico Rosberg.

It was only last year before the German Grand Prix that Hamilton courted controversy when interviewed, and nonchalantly stated that it would be no big deal to Rosberg if he failed to win the 2014 German Grand Prix, as he wasn't really German!

He was referring to the fact that although the 30 year old driver from Wiesbaden was German born, he was apparently uprooted by his parents at around 4 months of age, and had lived the majority of his life in Monaco. This seemed to be just the fuel required to spur Rosberg to victory at the Nurburgring GP circuit, although surely that was not the intention as a forlorn Hamilton had to settle for 3rd.

As with all big Formula One events there are always the duals that are fought out amongst the individual drivers as well as the betting at Paddy Power. The two Ferrari drivers Kimi Raikkinen and Sebasian Vettal although down the pecking order when it comes to the rankings, will still be desperate to get one over on the other. The Finn will desperately be hoping he can turn around his recent run of disappointments and will be looking for an added boost, as multi-stop tyre tactics now appear to have the green light ready for a return.

Hamilton 1/5 & Rosberg 7/2 - Now At Paddy Power!

For Hamilton the stakes for the 2015 British Grand Prix will be huge. Although he leads the table by 10 points, he will be sore that he lost to his rival in Austria who many say raced the race of his life. If Rosberg carries his form into the Brit Grand Prix, he could get on a roll like Hamilton did at the start of the season where he strung four wins in a row together. Where will the smart money go?