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Doritos Roulette Challenge : Is there anything like it in gambling?

By: Russell Potvin

Tues. Mar. 31, 2015

Doritos Roulette Casino Game

The new Doritos Roulette brand was an instant hit in Canada and has had similar response from South Africa and Australia, the three markets to test the new flavour before the United States. According to claims, this is the hottest chip ever created by Doritos and it is only for the brave. There are chips that have a higher rating on the Scoville scale (7,360 Scoville Heat Units) than chipotle and jalapeno chillies! However, the biggest attraction to a bag of Doritos Roulette is that most of the chips are blend of the classic Cheese Supreme flavour and hidden away inside is that one very hot chip (about 1 in 10 chips is the real hot one).

These new Doritos are being labelled "anxiety in a bag" with many unsuspecting victims discovering too late what hot really means. Recently, the Doritos Roulette challenge has gone viral on You Tube with groups of Canadian friends that gather together in a circle, grab a handful chips and one-by-one eat a chip hoping to avoid the super spicy chip.

The online popularity got all of us at Grizzly Gambling thinking more about the new phenomenon and, while some have called the chips dangerous, we can see the similarity to the allure of gambling. It is a risk, and a risk that those who buy Doritos Roulette are willing to take - especially with a group. As more people become involved, the better your odds of not getting the hot chip.

Would You Bet $45,000 To Win A $100?

When comparing Doritos Roulette to Gambling, the closest analogy that we could think of would be betting on the money line of a prohibitive favourite. More often than not, you do expect to win. The problem though, you only win a modest sum while you have to risk a significant amount of capital to do so.

Let's look at sports to try and make this a little clearer. Currently, the biggest thing happening in North American sports is the NCAA men's basketball tournament. The tournament has a field of 64 teams and is held over the course of about a month. One of the teams, the Kentucky Wildcats, is a once in a generation collection of players. As expected, they were one of the 4 top seeds. Exactly like a tennis tournament, the top seed plays the worst opponent initially and the Kentucky Wildcats were pitted against the Hampton University Pirates in the opening game last weekend. The money line closed at KEN -45000. This means that gamblers had to risk $45,000 in order to win a measly $100. With odds like this, it was certain that one of the teams had no chance of winning at all.

How Much Can You Afford To WIN ?

What can we determine from this? Well number one is that this is an extremely unique event in terms of gambling and number two, who in their right mind would be willing to risk so much, to potentially win so little. In order to win just $1 you would have had to place a bet of $450. Now you should probably win that bet, but what if you didn't? What if the entire Kentucky squad got food poisoning as the Hampton University Pirates came out on the court and played a game like they never had before? It is worth the bet considering especially when the money line closed at KEN -45000?!

Is There a Similar Online Casino Game?

After racking our brains for comparable casino games, we came up with nothing and were completely unsatisfied.

Obviously, something had to be done.

Help Promote Reckless Behaviour!

Did you know that every year there are up to 10 unique new casino game innovations approved for trial by Nevada's Gaming Control Board? Most of the submissions come from professional companies and game designers, but there is an equal opportunity for anyone with an idea to reap the rewards that come with successful game design. Unfortunately, the application and testing fees can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, BUT the cost to SEND US YOUR IDEAS is absolutely FREE!

To celebrate Saskatoon's own Trey Lyles in a starring role for the University of Kentucky, the growing popularity of the new Doritos Roulette promotion and the end of another long winter, we decided to have a little fun here at Grizzly Gambling with our own gambling game promotion. We would like to invite you, our readers, to share your ideas with us for a new gambling game that you would consider playing.

The parameters must be similar to the Doritos Roulette in that:

  • Your game should have a very high probability that you'll win or more accurately, do not lose.
  • What you can win is relatively small, while the cost of losing has to be quite significant.

We are talking a reckless, but not completely illogical game of chance. Think of a harsh drinking game penalty or the burn from that hot chip. We are going to offer the best suggestions an incredibly cool Grizzly Gambling T-Shirt and a $100 cash prize! Be sure to read the details of our giveaway and see if you can come up with a diabolical game or at least the next online sensation to take the internet back from the Kardashians.