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By: Russell Potvin

Pro-Line Sportsbook is one of the top rated betting sites in Canada and it is a name that is well known and well as trusted. Since 1992, the company has been offering retail kiosk betting in Canada and it started offering services online in 2000. As part of PlayOLG, Pro-Line remains one of the most popular betting choices for Canadians. The site is regulated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and there are strict privacy policies in place to ensure a safe and secure experience. For those that are seeking a casino experience along with sports, the Play OLG site is loaded with amazing casino games from top developers. However, the sports betting site is separate and punters will have to pay a visit to the Play OLG Pro-Line Sportsbook page to enjoy the action of betting on sporting events, including football, cricket, rugby, baseball, basketball, golf, badminton, NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and other sports matches. While many sports bets can be placed online, there is a downfall to placing bets with the Play OLG Pro-Line Sportsbook. Bets can be placed online from your desktop computer or mobile phone, but winnings have to be collected at retail locations or kiosks. It is not possible to pay for a bet and collect payouts through the Pro-Line Sportsbook mobile app or online site.

Pros and Cons for Pro-Line Sportsbook

  • Powerful mobile betting app offered.
  • Decent coverage of sports popular with Canadian punters.
  • Great odds and lines supported with multiple betting options.
  • Trusted name in the Canadian betting market.
  • Pro-Line does not offer any online payments for winning tickets.
  • There is no welcome bonus when signing up.
  • Very few promotions and bonus offers are presented.

PlayOLG Pro-Line Betting Bonus and Promotions for Canada

Unfortunately, punters who are creating an account with Pro-Line Sports Betting will not have the ability to claim any welcome or no deposit bonus code promotions. There are no sports betting deals when signing up, so punters will just have to rely on what they generate from winnings. However, the PlayOLG casino site does offer some handsome offers for new members, where players can engage in exciting casino games and earn free bets and credits as they play. The mobile casino site offers tiered welcome bonuses, birthday rewards and also no deposit bonus codes. While Pro-Line is not featuring any of these types of offers, sports bettors are out of luck when it comes to receiving any special promos or offers.

Punters will be disappointed when they visit the sportsbook Pro-Line site as there is no promotions page, so there are no offers on hand. This is a shock since the site generated over $300 million in revenue in 2016, but as it stands, punters will not have the ability to earn any free money or free bets when they visit the site. This is one of the few online sites in Canada that do not offer rewards or loyalty schemes. It is thus a basic betting site where beginner players can bet on lines for football, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer, cricket, golf, boxing, motorsport, and more. However, those that are seeking more markets and paying promotions will be better choosing another betting site for Canadians that is combined with an online casino.

Mobile Betting

As with the majority of online casinos and online betting sites, the sportsbook Pro-Line does feature a mobile app that will allow members to place sports bets at any time using their mobile devices. There are some decent pro-line and over/under betting options and a decent selection of events to wager on, including a chance to bet on NBA basketball games. The mobile app is easy to navigate and has a clean layout so new punters will have no problem finding their way around the site. To make use of the betting app, punters will select the type of bet they wish to place. They will then look at the list of events that support a specific certain bet. Between 3 and 6 selections can be made and after that, the app will save the bet as a barcode. This means punters will then have to visit a retail location to have the code scanned. Punters will then pay the wager cost to receive their ticket.

The Play OLG Pro-Line sportsbook mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and while it does not offer an instant way to wager or collect winnings, it removes the process of using paper slips to bet. Other than that, the mobile app does not truly offer a mobile betting experience as one would enjoy at other sites. Since punters still have to visit kiosks, it does not offer convenience that would be expected from a mobile betting site.

In Play Betting/Live Betting

Seeing as Pro Line Sportsbook does not offer the ability to place real money wagers or collect winnings, there is no live betting option at this site. Other online sportsbooks are complete and offer in-play options, the chance to win great rewards and enjoy all sports action from home. Unfortunately, the Play OLG sportsbook section at Pro-Line is not this type of betting site. It simply allows punters to choose their bets online and via the mobile app. They then have to physically visit a location to process that bet and receive any rewards. The lack of live betting results is a major downfall and is one of the main reasons punters will choose other sites, such as Sports Interaction.

Pro-Line from PlayOLG Sportsbook Interface

The interface that is offered at the sportsbook Pro-Line is appealing and offers an easy to navigate the menu. All of the betting options are clearly presented and it is simple to locate different sports and events that are scheduled. While the site does have a limited coverage, punters can find all of the popular events throughout Canada and other countries. The site design is appealing to the eye and there is no clutter on the site, making it a great choice for beginner bettors. One thing punters will notice is the lack of the bet slip. Instead, selected wagers will be printed a barcode, which will be scanned at retail locations. Overall, the site is pleasing and easy to use and this is also true with the mobile app, which offers the exact same layout as the online version of the site.

On the left side of the page, punters will see a full list of games and events that are scheduled. They can also select from Pools. Point Spread or Props betting options. The site does offer the latest results, which can provide useful information when placing future bets. While the site does lack features that are found at other online sportsbooks, it does offer simplicity that is appealing to casual or beginner punters. The sports that are covered at Pro-Line Betting include betting on NHL hockey matchups, Canadian and American football, baseball, American college football, basketball, European and North American soccer and American college basketball.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

At Play OLG's ProLine betting site for mobile and desktop, there are no payments that are accepted through the site. Punters can choose their betting options, but the site does not process any payments or offer payouts for any winning tickets. Even though real money transactions cannot be processed at this site, there are limits that are in place. There are maximum payouts on winnings tickets as well. For individual punters, there is a maximum bet of $100 that can be wagered on Pro-Line bets as well as Point Spread bets per day. In regards to the amount that can be won, any single ticket can pay a maximum of $600,000 and the maximum payout per day through the Play OLG sportsbook is $5 million. Regardless of payouts, the betting maximum of $100 stays in place.

Customer Support

When visiting the Pro Line Sportsbook desktop and mobile platforms, there are no options for customer support presented. However, when members go to the Sports Book PlayOLG site they can contact the Help Center. Here, they will find an email and phone number that can be used to contact Play OLG and some of the betting questions punter have may be answered. Alternatively, the Pro-Line site does have an FAQ section. This can provide answers to many of the common questions that are asked, so it is a good starting point for those that need assistance when choosing bet types and creating barcode bet slips.

Our Pro Line at PlayOLG Sportsbook Recommendation

At Sportsbook Pro Line, punters will find coverage of some of the most popular sports in North America. However, the site works quite differently from other online sportsbooks. Actual real money wagers are not supported by the site and members will not be able to collect any payouts. All betting and payouts are done at retail locations. The site is just a way to create a bet and receive a barcode, which is processed at a kiosk. The good news is that players will be able to select their lines and over/under bets on their mobile while at the kiosk. The site does not offer any promotions or bonuses either, so it is one that is on the lower end of the list of recommended sports betting sites. It is safe and secure and since no financial information is transacted, there are no concerns in regards to theft or fraud. Catering to the Canadian crowd, PlayOLG's Pro-Line Sportsbook is a decent option for selecting bets, but if punters are looking for competitive betting odds for MLB, hockey, NFL football and soccer, then this is not the best site to choose.

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