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Free roulette games on our site require no download or deposit. All of the games are downloaded from top online roulette software providers. We update this free roulette section each week, so visit us again.

how does roulette workHow Does Online Roulette Work? Online roulette is a game of chance where players guess where the ball will land once the wheel has been spun. It is an easy game to play and there are plenty of free no download titles available for Canadian players right here on our website.

While this game may be about luck, you do have to make some choices. You have to consider the different betting options that are available. You can make bets on any single number available and all of your options are laid out within a numbered grid on the table. You can also place bets on a line or corner within the grid where you hope the ball will land somewhere in this small selection of numbers. All bets placed inside the numbered grid are called inside bets but players can also make outside bets. These wagers take in much larger sections of the roulette wheel and include; low bets (numbers 1 - 18), high bets (numbers 19 - 36), odd, even, and column bets. Different bets mean different payout rates. Learn the different bets playing free roulette games before you start playing for real money.

There are a number of variations: European roulette is the most popular choice for players from Canada and has a house edge of just 2.63%. It has just one zero. The American variation has two zeros and a higher house edge of 5.26%. The French variation of the game features the La Partage rule and a house edge of 1.32%. Mini games have just 13 numbers but the house edge is 7.69%.


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About Roulette Games

french and american roulette gamesOnline Roulette is always a popular choice with players. All they have to do is guess where the ball is going to land on the wheel and place their bets. It may be a game of chance but there are some strategies that you can apply to increase your odds of winning. In this section of our website, we hope to help you do just that by giving you plenty of information, tips, winning strategies and systems to try out. There are different types of free roulette and when playing online you get to choose from American, European and French roulette. The odds are different so make sure to read our guides on each of them to see which one suits you.

Play Roulette with No Download Required

play roulette with no downloadGetting started is really easy especially if you choose to play for free. Once you have read the rules and understand the different bets that you can place you can take the time to practice and see exactly how the it goes. If you want to increase your chances on winning, it is important to understand the different types of bets that can be placed. here are inside and outside bets and each one of these has different odds as well as higher and lower payouts. These are all explained in full in our guide. You have probably heard of systems and strategies or betting systems as they are frequently called. We have reviewed all of these including the Martingale and Labouchere systems. Playing for free with us will allow you to test out each of the systems and see which one works best for you.

Top 10 Tips for Winning

best tips for winning roulette
  1. Take advantage of practice with free no download roulette games before you try for real money. This way you can learn the rules and familiarize yourself with the different bets that you can place.
  2. Make use the bonuses offered by casinos so that you get to enjoy risk free gaming. There will be wagering requirements and you need to make sure that roulette contributes to the wagering requirements.
  3. Have a budget and stick to it.
  4. Check on the payout rates for the casino you are playing at and choose the roulette games with the lowest house edge. Look for sites with the eCOGRA seal of approval as this guarantees fair gaming.
  5. Play French Roulette as this means you can take advantage of the La Partage rule which lowers the house edge significantly. This is the best game for low house edge.
  6. Choose European over American roulette as the house edge is lower
  7. Choose the titles that meet your budget. There are high roller tables for those that wish to wager higher amounts.
  8. Take advantage of even money and outside bets as the odds of winning are greater and can lead to more profit from your game.
  9. Practice using systems and strategies before wagering real money
  10. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Roulette Winning Strategies

online roulette strategiesIf you want to increase your chances of winning when playing real money roulette games there are a number of strategies that you can use. If you are new to this game we recommend playing free roulette games. Canadian players can try them with no registration and no download here on our website. Below you will find information on the 5 most popular roulette systems.

Martingale System: This is one of the most popular systems in Canada and it uses the premise whereby you double your bet after every loss and keep the same bet value when you win. To use this strategy you must set a base wager to start from. It is also important to note that this system can be risky because if you lose several times in a row you could end up with very large wagers.

Labouchere System: This roulette strategy is where you write down a sequence of numbers usually between 4 and 8 and then add the two numbers on the end to determine your bet amount. If you win your bet you cross off the two numbers on the end and move on to the next ones in your sequence. If you lose your bet you add the bet amount to the beginning of your number sequence and go through the process again. For example if your number sequence is 2-1-5-7-3-4-1-1-2 your first wager would be $4. If you win you cross off the numbers used and your next bet will be $1 (1 + 1). If you were to lose, 4 goes at the beginning of your sequence and your next wager will be $6 (4 + 2).

Grand Martingale: This system is similar to the Martingale but it calls for a doubling of your last wager plus one more unit. For example, if your wager was $5 on red and you lose your next bet would be $15 ($10 + $5). This is a risky system and can end up costing you quite a lot even after just five wagers, but if you win you are rewarded.

D'Alembert: This system can seem quite tricky and you will be decreasing your bet by one unit following a win because the premise behind it is that if Bet A wins more than Bet B, then Bet A is less likely to win again. When you take into consideration that roulette is a game of chance then this system doesn't really hold much weight but it will give you a good number of small wins but it doesn't change the casinos house edge.

Oscars Grind: With this strategy, you bet the same amount following a loss and increase your wager by one unit following a win. As this system progresses, you never bet more than what you need to recoup your previous losses plus one unit of profit. This is a simple strategy but over time your losses can be greater than your winnings and over time you will end up losing more than you win.

Live Dealer - Free Roulette Online

On our website you will find variations of roulette games that you can play for free. These include American, European and French games and you can use these to practice everything you have learned and try out new betting strategies. When you are ready to try your hand at winning real cash prizes, you can use our exclusive bonuses to get you started. We have exclusive bonus codes and cash back offers from some of the most reputable online casinos. The house edge is very low and most of the new player bonuses won't allow you to play this game. This is why are exclusive offers are so popular. They let you increase your bankroll and play.

live dealer rouletteWhat about live dealer roulette? If you find that you really enjoy playing but would like more interaction, live dealer games are a great choice. A lot of the top online casinos now offer live roulette games where you can interact with the dealer and the other players. It is a great way to enjoy a real game from the comfort of your own home. We should point out, that it can be a little slower that normal versions but if interaction is what you are after it really is worth it.

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