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Canadian Company Intertain Could Make a Bid for bwin.party

By: Russell Potvin , Sat. Apr. 12, 2014

Intertain bwin.party Speculation

When Amaya purchased the Rational Group, a lot of heads turned. Now Intertain could do something similar with bwin.party.

Canadian businesses have been making a lot of news lately when it comes to buying up major gambling companies. It wasn't very long ago that the Amaya Gaming Group, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, picked up the Rational Group to gain control over both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in a move that got the attention of the world. Now another Canadian company listed on the TSE could be considering a major power move as Intertain is poised to purchase bwin.party.

As far as Canadian online gambling companies listed on the TSE go, Intertain is a pretty big deal. They are known primarily for running InterCasino and InterPoker. InterCasino in particular is a major online casino brand that has been around for a particularly long time, and it offers more of a selection of games than you can find almost anywhere else online. Because of this, it's a player favourite all over the world.

It's no secret that bwin.party has been more or less up for sale, and there's been a ton of experts thinking that Amaya could be the one to grab them up. However, Intertain has recently added a ton of fuel to the fire of speculation that they could be the company to put in a bid. They did this by offering a trading statement recently that matched up extremely closely to the statement offered by bwin.party, and this was accompanied by the following vague statement by Intertain:

"Strategic acquisitions have been and are one component of the company's growth strategy and, as such, Intertain regularly evaluates potential acquisition opportunities. From time to time, this process leads to discussions with potential acquisition targets." If you're familiar with the not-so-informative statements that companies tend to put out about these things, then you'll know that Intertain's statement is all but confirming that they are interested in bwin.party, but it doesn't offer any information on actual talks between the two. Overall, it's going to be particularly interesting to see what happens with the potential bwin.party purchase.