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See BlackjackTwitch For 'Sodapoppin' Morris' $5K Moment of Fame!

By: Russell Potvin , Mon. May 25, 2015

BlackjackTwitch, 'Sodapoppin' Morris

A new phenomenon has been created that's got some folks' heads ever so slightly in a spin, might it just be better to play Roulette or one of the many slots games?

Nah if it's gonna be beamed live, there's already enough people playing on TV Poker, how's about a game of BlackjackTwitch, live for all the world to see!

Better or Worse Than Candid Camera? Introducing the World of BlackjackTwitch!

In the case of Chance 'Sodapoppin' Morris, this 'brainwave' may be described as the opposite of a Eureka moment. Maybe he hadn't had one of them in quite a while and forgotten what they felt like, however he went all in for $5k. Viewers watched him open mouthed as he could hardly believe it and his jaw hits the ground as he's dealt an Ace with the dealer's face up card a 6, but could it all go horribly wrong?

The Tension Starts to Mount and Mount

The inevitable twitch moment gets dragged out. 40,000 People in the UK are watching this Friday drama as it unfolded live. One would think all those people glued were watching a fireman going up alongside a blazing high rise to rescue some damsel stuck on the top floor. Nope 'fraid not, no heroics either, however something IS about to go up in smoke, pretty soon!

If You Can't Stand The Heat, Perhaps Take Time For Some 'Sodapoppin'?

Chance takes his second card, it's a five and the poor guy's all in for $5000, and the world's watching in as well. If only the dealer didn't have a dang 6. Guess it's time for another card, darn, nothing there, from soft 16 now to a hard 16, will the dealer bust?

Rehearsals For War of Warcraft!

Momentarily when the dealer draws another 6 things look good, alas the good feeling moment is fleeting as another 6 for the dealer to make 18 is enough for our hero to angrily hit the self-destruct button big time. Anyone next to be global toast On BlackjackTwitch!