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Casino Cashback Bonus Explained

By: Russell Potvin

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A cashback program is a very valued feature if you can find it. This is a program that is available to all casino players and is a type of reward system for player loyalty. The cashback bonus is different from the welcome bonus but you still get free cash. The casino you play at will give you money back on your losses or your deposits on a regular basis. This could be one a month or weekly. The amount you earn is usually related to the amount you have lost during the playing period. The bonus amount you receive is usually paid directly into your casino account but some establishments pay you in free credits so it is wise to check exactly what you are getting.

The amount you earn will vary from site to site and from player to player. If you are a high roller and you are spending thousands each month you will of course stand to earn more from this type of program. The casino cash back offer usually ranges from 5 to 20% but there are some that offer higher percentages so be on the look out. This type of reward is a great way to boost your bankroll and of course get your hands on some free cash too.

Best Online Casino Cashbacks

Rank Name Rating Cashback % Bonus Accepts
Software Options
1 Bet365 Casino Bet365 Casino Yes Visit
2 Mars Casino Mars Casino Yes Visit
3 EU Casino EU Casino Yes Visit

How Cashback Casino Bonuses Work

Every cashback bonus is different and they will vary from site to site. At some online casinos you will be required to request your reward via the cashier section of the site whereas with other casinos that bonus is automatic. The amount that you will have to wager in order to qualify for this offer will also differ but this will be stated clearly in the terms and conditions so be sure to read them carefully. Many will state that you have to make regular deposits or have deposited a certain amount of money into your account during the previous month.

It is important to read the terms and conditions and be clear on what games count towards your cashback bonus too. Some games may not count at all. You also need to check how much you have to wager to qualify for the reward as well as whether or not there is a cap on the amount you can claim. Some online gambling establishments have a cap as low as $100 whilst others will be higher and up to $500. Each casino offering this type of reward will have its own rules so be sure to check.

Choosing A Cashback Online Casino

There are a few things to consider if you are looking for a cash back rewards system. You need to make sure that you will be wagering enough each month to actually qualify for the reward and in order to do this you need to choose a site that will appeal to you and have the games you want to play. Another thing to look at is how often the bonus is paid out. Would you like to receive a weekly rebate or monthly? Is the reward being offered as a special promotion or is it ongoing? Yes, there are some establishments that offer special one-time cash back bonuses and these are usually only valid on specific games for a few days each month. If you want a regular payout, you will need to avoid these.