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Sports Pools To Launch At Canada's PlayNow.com

By: Russell Potvin , Thurs. Mar. 31, 2016

Sports Betting Pools With PlayNow/OpenBet Partnership

OpenBet has partnered with BCLC to launch sports pools on PlayNow.com the online gambling site for British Columbia. This will make sports betting much simpler.

In a recent press release it was revealed that OpenBet, the world's leading software provider for sports betting has partnered with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) to launch Sports Pools on the British Columbia online gambling website PlayNow.com.

OpenBet has been working closely with the BCLC since the launch of their online gambling site back in June 2010. PlayNow.com was Canada's first online casino to use OpenBet's platform and centralized player account management system. Since then the two have continued to develop the offering being provided to Canadian players with new games like Sports Pools.

Legal Online Sports Betting Pools in Canada

PlayNow sports betting pools are a completely new thing for the British Columbia legally regulated online gambling website. With Sports Pools all levels of sporting fans can take part and there is no required knowledge of sportsbook odds. It is a product that improves the offering of this BC online casino and makes the site more attractive despite competing on the international playing field with their hands tied behind their backs. PlayNow sports betting pools will compete against top sites like Sports Interaction, Bodog, and more and even without single game sports wagers, this new sports betting entry level product is likely to be a big hit.

The buy-in for PlayNow sports betting pools is just $5 and with this players can test their sports knowledge against each other for a chance to win or share in the prize pool. Players must pick the winning outcome for all the match-ups on a betting card, or randomly choose winners using the "quick pick" feature. The jackpot prize then goes to the players who pick the required number of correct outcomes. In essence, it makes sports betting much simpler.

According to OpenBet CEO Jeremy Thompson-Hill, the company is delighted to continue their work with BCLC through the launch of Sports Pools. He also went on to say, "OpenBet is focused on working with our customers to develop technology that offers a superior player experience with new entertaining ways to play. Sports Pools is a great new product for BCLC and one we have been pleased to work with them in delivering."

BCLC Vice President of eGaming Monica Bohm said, "Sports Pools offer sports fans an innovative and easy point of entry into sports betting that is fun and appealing. It is another example of PlayNow.com delivering the very best in online gambling entertainment in British Columbia while helping communities across the province grow."