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PlayScreen Embraces Apple Watch Tech With Blackjack Anywhere

By: Russell Potvin , Fri. Apr. 24, 2015

PlayScreen First To Apple Watch Games

With new tech coming out all the time, sometimes software developers can lag behind a little. This is not the case for PlayScreen as they pounce on the Apple Watch for blackjack.

Pretty much every piece of technology with a screen has games available for it, even if the developers of the games are a little slow off the mark to start creating for the platform. From phones to tablets and now to Smart Watches, games are everywhere and Play Screen is speeding ahead developing new blackjack games for the Apple Watch in a bid to be the first and most well known on the device.

Play Blackjack On Your Apple Watch

The software creator's Chief Creative Officer, William Volk, was interviewed and showed optimism that the approximately ten years that the company has been making mobile games would allow them to excel. In particular, he likened the screen size on the wrist wear tech to those on older Nokia 30 and 40 Series phones. He said, "That enables us to tackle new platforms like Apple Watch, with an understanding on how to make that work well. We have a nice user interface with swiping, and it looks good."

PlayScreen is no stranger to blackjack and other mobile casino games so the transition to the Apple Watch should be an easy one. The company is used to being able to pack a lot of content onto a small screen through clean interfaces that will take advantage of the 340 by 272 pixel screen that only measures in at 42 millimeters. The first game that they are bringing to the device is aptly named Blackjack Anywhere.