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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Watching for Extreme E-Bingo Players

By: Russell Potvin , Tues. Jun. 10, 2014

OLG E-Bingo Problem

New ways to gamble sometimes means that there are new ways to get addicted to gambling, but the OLG is watching out for the players.

A new type of bingo has been popping up in bingo halls, and it's being called E-Bingo which is short for electronic bingo. The basic idea is that players can get in on the action faster in the electronic interface with the ability to play between three and four times as many bets per hour. The University of Waterloo has a Problem Gambling Research Team that has pointed out that this increased betting speed lends itself to more problem gambling behavior, and the OLG is taking steps to help prevent this.

Bingo is one of the most popular types of betting in the world. Different regions have their own rules, but the basic idea is typically the same. You're given cards with numbers on them, and you have to try to line up numbers that are called at random. If you line the numbers up correctly according to the rules of that particular style of the game, then you win. The new E-Bingo machines are the natural extension of this, and it has some pretty big implications for people who play bingo online.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming has taken an active approach in helping to curb problem gambling and to get help to people who want to stop gambling. There are kiosks available in multiple areas that talk about things like how to manage your bankroll and keep your gambling money separate from the rest of your budget, but they also have resources on how to stop if you need help doing so.

Some critics think that the OLG isn't doing enough, though there are always going to be people who think that things need to be taken to an extreme. One of the main concerns is that coming close to a win makes people want to keep betting more. A lot of people think that's pretty obvious, and they also think it's ridiculous to rig the games to take out near-wins because that would kill a lot of the fun.