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Take A Bite Of NetEnt's Upcoming Video Slot, Dracula

By: Russell Potvin , Sun. Jan. 04, 2015

NetEnt Previews Dracula Video Slot

Net Entertainment has released a new video previewing their highly anticipated upcoming slot, Dracula, set to drop on April 23, 2015.

Since the announcement of this game came a few months ago, players and casinos alike have been looking forward to another high quality title like so many that the software developer has turned out before. Get ready to experience the fear and thrills that came from Universal Studios with the 1931 release of the movie that the game is based on. Without a doubt, this will be another smash hit like many partnered games they have released in the past, and based on classic horror movie monsters, such as Creature From The Black Lagoon and The Invisible Man.

Wagers per spin vary, allowing for players of different levels of daring and adventure to face down the Count himself at their own comfort level without having to stake their own bank roll's heart. Expect the unexpected as vampire bats will suddenly and unpredictably swarm the screen and turn random symbols to a single other face, making the chances of making a winning pay line even greater.

The bats come out of the belfry for more than the occasional jump scare as they play an integral part to the Free Spin bonus mode on this five reel video slot game. During this mode, the reels rise from the dead for ten rolls and the bats make a screeching return to turn more symbols into their chosen type, multiplying the odds of a win of more spins or a jackpot. If this bonus mode truly plays out in your favour, the middle three reels will be stacked with Wilds, maximizing chances of multiple payouts.

While there's still about a month until NetEnt's Dracula enthrals slots players around the world with his hypnotic gaze, their most recent release has just hit the market at their top shelf online casino partners. Spinata Grande offers a stark contrast against the dark background of cinematic monster horror but no less fun and excitement with a piñata fiesta. Roll away and steel your nerves waiting for the Prince of the Undead to step out of his coffin and into your nightmares this April.