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NetEnt's New Slot Machine Aloha Cluster Pays

By: Russell Potvin , Tues. Feb. 09, 2016

NetEnt's New Slot Machine Aloha Cluster Pays

NetEnt have just released the first footage for their brand new upcoming slots release, Aloha Cluster Pays. This 6 reel, 5 line slot is due for release on the 22nd of March.

NetEnt released their eagerly awaited Guns N' Roses slot last month and are already planning the launch of their next big hit. Aloha Cluster Pays looks amazing and this 6 reel title is sure to be a hit.

This new online slot from Net Ent Slots is lively with a unique structure, and a fun theme. The soundtrack is pretty cool too. The game design is different and unique and comes with a host of great features. This new slots game was first mentioned in the NetEnt Q1 Roundmap for 2016 and is the last game we will see released in the first quarter of this year.

This game comes with a perfect mix of creative design, unique features, and classic gameplay. The tropical island theme means there are plenty of palm trees, blue seas, and smoking volcanoes. The symbols on the reels include sea shells, tribal masks, and pineapples.

What's different about the Aloha Cluster Pays slot is that it has six reels, five rows, and no bet lines. It also comes with a completely new game design. This adds to the game's bonus features and symbol clusters trigger some amazing bonus rounds that light up a fiery ring around the adjacent matching symbols when you win cash.

Aloha Cluster Pays Features

Symbol clusters are the main feature of this slot machine and whenever you score a win on the first three reels, the symbols will freeze while the reels re-spin around them. If you win during this re-spin, a new cluster will form and the process is repeated. The chain only breaks when a spin doesn't trigger a new win, or a cluster expands to the extent of filling the entire screen.

Other features include a free spins round that is triggered by free spins symbols. The number of free spins you win depends on how many free symbols you have uncovered. It starts with 3 free spins symbols and this will give you 9 free spins, all the way up to 6 free spins symbols which gives you 12 free spins. During your free spins a Symbol Drop feature removes low paying symbols so that you have more chances to win big.

Now that the first footage of this new NetEnt slot has been released the countdown to release day begins. We can't wait to play it but if it seems too far away for you, don't worry because we have a massive range of free slot games for Canadians. Keep an eye on our website too for news and information on where you can play all the latest NetEnt releases and where you can get free spins to test them out for free.