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Microgaming Adds Betdigital to Quickfire Platform

By: Russell Potvin , Wed. Dec. 10, 2014

Quickfire's Betdigital Additions

Microgaming's Quickfire platform is known for bringing on games from lesser-known software developers to help them get recognition, and that's exactly what's happening once again with Betdigital.

In the online casino software world, different types of software developers have different opportunities to shine and different opportunities to work with other businesses. Microgaming uses their Quickfire platform to give smaller developers a chance to get their product out there, and their most recent deal with Betdigital is going to see a number of games in both Macromedia Flash and HTML5 added.

One of the reasons why this is such a big deal for Betdigital is that getting on the Quickfire platform is about as close as "making it big" as any smaller software developer can get in this industry. Because all of the major sites are saturated with the top software providers, the best hope that most of these smaller companies have is to get added on with a collaborative platform like Quickfire. In this case, it's allowing them to work with the biggest software company in the industry.

Some people have said that Microgaming has slid behind in the software and game development arena. However, recent news has shown that they are catching up where some people have suggested that they have fell behind. In this year's Global Gaming Awards, Microgaming beat out nine other industry leaders for the Digital Product of the Year award. These awards are voted on by 50 major industry leaders in the online gambling world making it one of the most important awards that a software company can win for their product.

One of the main games that got Microgaming so much attention for this award was Terminator 2 which came out earlier this year. After being challenged to step up their game, they answered their critics in amazing fashion. This game was referenced specifically when the Digital Product of the Year award was given, and it shows that companies like Betdigital have some major reasons for trying to get on the Quickfire platform because Microgaming refuses to be left behind in the face of newer, quality-focused companies coming onto the scene.