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Hard Lesson Shows Importance of Trusted, Reputable Casinos

By: Russell Potvin , Sat. Nov. 22, 2014

Lesson Shows Importance of Reputable Casinos

You'll read over and over about how important it is to choose casinos that are reputable and recommended by independent sources, but you may not think that applies to you until it's too late.

That could have been what happened to one lucky, or unlucky, woman who took part in a promotion with Gulfstream Casino. She thought she had won, but officials decided otherwise.

Here's how the promotion worked. Thousands of keys were sent out to players in the area, and the first who had a winning key and was able to unlock a special box at the casino would win an expensive Range Rover worth about US$80,000. Vicki Wersching thought she had won when she put her key in the box and it opened, but she was met with a rude awakening when she was told that she would not be awarded the car. The key to this story could be the reasons why she wasn't awarded the prize.

Essentially, five of the keys could have won, and the casino knew who they were going to be sent to. The first of those five keys to open the box was going to decide who the winner was between those five individuals. The only problem is that Vicki wasn't supposed to be one of the five winners, but her key opened the box anyway. This just goes to show that you should only play with recommended casinos, like the recommended online casinos we suggest here at Grizzly Gambling.

As for Vicki, she's gotten herself a lawyer, but that doesn't promise anything. The casino's terms and conditions probably have some sort of out in the event of this type of situation, and Vicki could be left with nothing after all of this. If you don't want to end up like Ms. Wersching, then you need to make sure that you think long and hard about the sites you play with. Check out the casino sites that we recommend, and you'll avoid this type of aggravation from not being able to cash out when you think that you have been awarded some big payouts.