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Guts Casino Receives a Brand-New Website and Innovative New Features

By: Russell Potvin , Mon. Sept. 03, 2018

Guts Casino Receives a Makeover

With a brand-new website design and a bunch of excellent new features, there's no better time to join Guts Casino than right now!

They say the most rewarding things come in beautiful packages, and that is certainly true when it comes to our favourite online casinos. So when Guts Casino announced that they received a brand-new makeover and website design, we had to take a closer look.

What's truly amazing about the new Guts Online Casino is that it not only comes equipped with sensational new features that will certainly appeal to all players, but it also looks better too. Whether it's improved communication, better entertainment, or more rewards, you can rest assured that you'll be able to find it on the newly improved Guts Casino website.

User-Friendly Navigation and Incredible Layout

Most players at Guts Casino didn't mind the homepage while it featured a black background along with a touch of red highlights. But with the recent improvements, players will be blown away by the homepage as the site is far more welcoming and brighter. The background colour received a beautiful makeover in white, while the Guts logo is a little softer and rounder which is now situated in the centre at the top of the homepage. It perfectly divides the main menu where you'll find the various sections of the casino on the left, while the login button, search function, rewards section, and promotions section are situated on the right.

Located below the main menu is a massive banner that currently promotes the welcome offer along with the exclusive Olympian Spins promotion. You will also find arrows on the right and left of the banner, indicating that all new promotions will be added here, just like the previous version of the site. Guts Casino also added a new filter option below the massive banner where players can decide between alphabetical order, popularity, and software provider. Although the menu has been trimmed down when compared to the previous version, it still features everything that players find useful.

Excellent New Features at Guts Casino

If you were satisfied with the rewards that were offered at Guts Casino prior to the new design, you will certainly be amazed when you visit the site now. One of the first new features you will notice is the phenomenal new Rewards Card Feature, boasting with exclusive offers that are tailor-made just for you. You simply need to login to indulge in all the fantastic new bonuses and offers that is sure to provide a more rewarding experience while you play.

Another thing that has been improved at Guts Casino is the communication features with an innovative onsite messaging service. A message box will appear on your account while you are logged in, ensuring you never miss out on important information again. For instance, when a new Microgaming casino software game is launched or when a new bonus offer becomes available, you will be the first to know thanks to the new onsite messaging service.

If that wasn't enough, Guts Casino also added a marvellous new feature that will allow you to explore the site while playing a game. Let's say you spinning the reels on your favourite online casino slot machines and you decide you want to explore the game section to find another game at Guts Casino. The new feature will allow you to leave the current game in the background on continuous gameplay mode while you explore the brand-new site. You'll be able to return to your favourite video slot at any time and hopefully be surprised by a huge win in the process.