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Great Changes at GoWild Casino

By: Russell Potvin , Thurs. Oct. 31, 2013

Changes at GoWild

GoWild Casino has made some very intriguing changes to its casino, all in the interests of improving the user experience - and this time it is for users all over the world.

The download version of GoWild Casino is now able to be interpreted in 26 different languages. That means it would be very hard to find anyone who wouldn't be able to play it. They have taken great care to add to the enjoyment of the casino player who values convenience. That's because built into the software is the mechanism by which the customer support department can be accessed, wither through a mailing apparatus or by live chat, where a representative can come on with a customer immediately.

Quality customer service is part of that great casino experience that people come to appreciate over the course of time. That is the kind of thing some people don't fully appreciate until they really need it.

What the people at GoWild Casino have also done - and this obviously carries a high level of performance as well - is add plenty of games to their already-robust menu. The one they seem incredibly excited about is the new slot game called "Racing for Pinks," which comes from the people at Microgaming, who are world-renowned for the design of their casino games. Anyone who is familiar with the term knows that the slot has street racing of cars as its theme. Therefore, there will be bonus races and free spins that will increase the possibility that players can hit with big wins.

As many people understand by now, it is absolutely critical that any casino that wants to compete has to become involved with the mobile gaming experience. And those devices are with people most of the day, which is why it is very fertile ground for people who operate gaming establishments, for it makes these games available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, from anyplace that has a signal.

That is something GoWild Casino has devoted a particular amount of attention to. As we speak, a new series of games is being adapted for mobile devices that include slot games such as Thunderstruck II. Here is a game with great animation that is immensely popular with GoWild players, and which is going to be available on both Android and iPhone devices. And it doesn't even require a download. Those customers who have become "stuck" on this game while playing on their computers are going to love taking it with them wherever they go.

There is still lime as well for the Lucky Witch Spooky Multi-Player Tournament that is being conducted by GoWild casino in conjunction with Halloween. Lucky Witch is, of course, the perfect slot game to run this event with, as its has a theme that is replete with magic potions, pumpkins and the like. The prize pool is $1000 and twenty players will get paid. Here's the best part - it runs through November 3, so the thrills don't stop when Halloween's over!