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Golden Euro Casino Celebrates With St. Patrick's Promotions

By: Russell Potvin , Thurs. Dec. 03, 2015

Golden Euro St Patricks

If you're looking for a good time, then Golden Euro Casino's promotions for St. Patrick's Day will give you the party you're craving.

St. Patrick's Day is known for a lot of celebrating and partying, and Golden Euro Casino is giving you even more to get excited about. To start things off, you'll be able to get a special surprise bonus on March 17 if you've recently been active at this online casino. Check your email and your account balance to see if you're a lucky winner for this promotion.

Next up, a special drawing is going to be held at the end of the month. Three lucky winners are going to pick up €100 each just because they feel like giving away money. If you win, then you're encouraged to let the world know about it on the new-and-improved Golden Euro Casino Facebook page where a ton of discussion goes on about the games. You'll find a ton of winners bragging about their big scores there as well, and you could be the next one boasting about your wins.

Through the end of the month, they're also going to be holding a freeroll slots tournament that's giving out €1,000 in prizes. This event is being held on the Triple Twister video slot, a game that's well-known for its tornado theme and high level of action. The dynamic nature of this game really makes it perfect for the tournament atmosphere, and players from all over are getting in on the action to try to pick up a piece of the prize pool. This freeroll tournament event will be running through March 31.

Golden Euro Casino operates using the Realtime Gaming software. They're well-known for catering to European fans, but they're perfect for Canadian players as well. Their collection of over 120 games combines with their excellent selection of promotions, tournaments and bonus offers to give players an amazing experience. Get in on the action with their freeroll tournament on Triple Twister right now, and you could walk away with a piece of the big €1,000 prize pool with no risk involved.