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By: Russell Potvin , Tues. Oct. 25, 2016

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Roundup

A small change has been made by DraftKings, the daily fantasy sport betting operator, but it's one that has the potential to offer increased benefits in the future.

The DFS betting operator decided, last week, to eliminate a feature that is called the late feature, allowing swaps to be made at a very late stage, the feature was detached from the NBA contests, and, based on the title, it is the removed swaps that allow users to eliminate players from their line-ups provided the game had not started yet. The removed player can then be replaced with someone else whose game has also not yet begun.

The new announcement by DraftKings made it official that the new lineup selection at the start of a contest will be effective from the 18th of October and that the new contest lock will enable the swap of players according to the new dsf betting. The chances enable players to enjoy games more and to follow their favorite teams instead of monitoring late breaking news in each game leading up to the tip-off of each game the DFS operator felt. This is a great thing for sports betting in Canada.

Undoubtedly the change came as a surprise and was met by different opinions especially due to the fact that the late swap feature is what set DraftKings apart from its rivals such as FanDuel in the NBA contests. Scout Fantasy's Nate Weitzer suggests that the new change could also be an indication that the merger between the two major DFS betting operators is in the near future since it has been expected and according to reports the two companies have been in talks.

Jonathan Aquiar who represents DraftKings one of the main daily fantasy sports betting operators offers an uncomplicated explanation in which the decision was meant to make DFS more palatable in NBA for families and those with busy lives and jobs. Dustin Gouker feels the change is good and that it would benefit the daily fantasy industry and also said that the DFS industry will grow once it adapts by making games more accessible and simpler for casual players and this could just be the very first step in that direction.

FanDuel App Irks Securities Commission

The app described by Fortune as the stock market of daily fantasy sports giants like DraftKings and FanDuel called Forcerank was launched in march and according to star-up estimates allowed players to rank up to 10 stocks or even exchange funds based on estimated performance during the following week. The mobile app that offers fantasy stock is now facing a penalty of $50,000 due to the illegally offered swaps. The Exchange Commission and the U.S. Securities found that the games violated the Reform Consumers and Protection Act of 2010. Forcerank has agreed to pay the fine of $50,000 to settle the charges and have canceled all other app activities.