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Booming Games Announce New Game Feature & New Free Slots!

By: Russell Potvin , Wed. Mar. 23, 2016

Booming Games Announce New Game Feature & New Free Slots!

For those that are "Born To Play" lots of players love to reel in such familiarities as the 5 x 3 grid, however the developers at Booming Games like to develop new structures with the burning desire to take off into the unknown.

They want to have games that have that universal free slot machine appeal along with their bonuses and special features, but also feel the need to deliver something totally unique to their marketplace.

A Novel Experience And Brand New Feature - The Rotator

With the gameboard crunched into an unconventional 4 x 4 grid, watch what happens when the player triggers their brand new feature called the Rotator. The entire gameboard is freed up from its backround and rotates 90 degrees. Consequentially the symbols are all repositioned with the left-to-right paylines remaining fixed, this gives the players an additional opportunity to win from just a single spin.

The first theme to showcase the Rotator is Galactic Speedway, a game sure to captivate the heart and souls of old school slots fans along with the next generation of gamers. It combines the unstoppable appeal of online casino gaming, with some hot action video game entertainment.

There's also their Roaring 20s Art-Deco theme: Chicago Nights hot on the heels, and yet another game changer that's bound to excite enthusiasts. Now they announce another deal with an international operator having doubled their portfolio content since their industry debut in 2014.

Booming Games & ORYX Form New Partnership

Such innovations rarely go unnoticed and it has just been announced that Booming Games and ORYX Gaming will enter into partnership and team up to offer more than 50 additional games.

ORYX who are a turnkey product developer for the gaming industry, are looking to expand their gaming content. With this new content deal, they will now be able to offer clients an assortment of bespoke content from a range of 50 plus original games.

This offers a perfect opportunity to ORYX to boost their profile presence in the gaming industry with the utilization of original custom-made games, including scratch cards and a range of slots. With the addition of the games not only will their customers benefit a great deal, but they will also now have special access to specifically custom-designed content.

Booming Games are constantly creating and designing at the same time adding content with the addition of five new games each month. "We look forward to rolling out further casino content as the relationship develops" a positive Matevz Mazij Chief Executive of ORYX Gaming enthusiastically proclaimed.