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Cool New Bold Poker App for iPad and iPhone Stands Out

By: Russell Potvin , Mon. Feb. 09, 2015

Bold Poker App Makes Waves

The Bold Poker app is a much different poker app than we've seen before, and it functions as a virtual dealer across multiple Apple devices.

One of the biggest pains of having a live poker game with friends is how people deal. Shuffling the cards, making sure everyone knows proper dealing procedure and getting people to pay attention when it's their turn to deal are all things that slow down the game and make it more difficult to get in a lot of hands. The new Bold Poker app is an interesting solution to this problem.

How the Bold Poker App Works

Here's how this app works. You use a single iPad in the center that acts as the center of the table for the community cards in games like no-limit hold'em. Each individual player uses their own iPhone to show their hole cards. Each device is registered together for that particular game so that the correct dealing order is used. Players then bet with their physical chips like they would normally.

Intuitive Swiping Motions

When the hole cards are dealt, they don't automatically just pop up on your screen. This would make it too easy for your opponents to see what you have, and it would make it too difficult to use other functions on your phone while you play. Instead, the cards appear face-down, and you can peek at them by swiping upward on your phone. This is similar to the motion of checking the values of physical cards.

Big Advantages

There are several big advantages to using the Bold Poker app, and considering that it's free at this point, there's not really much of a reason for people not to try it out. Everything for this app comes down to taking the pain out of dealing cards, and this will speed up the games and provide a much smoother experience for everyone involved. Overall, this is a pretty cool innovation, and it's hard to imagine that we won't see other companies jumping on similar ideas in the near future just because of how overwhelmingly better this approach is than using physical cards.