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Blackjack Bonanza Big at Bet365

By: Russell Potvin , Fri. Nov. 29, 2013

Blackjack Bonanza at Bet365

If you are looking for some nice ways to supplement what you normally do as an online casino player, with the chance to win some cash prizes and greatly enhance your casino experience, tournament action is always a very interesting way to go.

Even though most tournaments are structured so as to allow anyone a decent chance to win, there are many people who are somewhat intimidated by the idea that they are not skilful to play in something that is "competitive."

Bet365, one of the more well-known casinos in the world, may have a better idea for you along those lines. You want to win? All you have to do is play. And it really doesn't matter how well you are able to do it.

Bet365 bills it as their "Blackjack Bonanza" tournament, in which winners are not determined to an actual skills competition that is laid out among tables where winners advance; a "sit and go," as it were, but based on the amount of points accumulated at the tables.

These are "Comp Points," and for each $10 that is wagered on one of the Bet365 blackjack tables, a point is tallied. The casino obviously keeps track of the points gathered by each player, and through this a leaderboard is compiled. The customers can watch their progress and current standing on the board to see what they have to do to advance. Naturally the purpose is to get customers to play more and more, in an effort to catch up to whoever is ahead of them.

The first prize in the Blackjack Bonznza tournament is $1000. Second prize gets $700 and third prize is worth $600. In all, 200 participants will be paid.

There is no deadline, necessarily to play; anyone can enter and do so, as long as the tournament isn't over. There is a minimum deposit that has to be made by any player who wishes to enter, and the games proceed just like real money play against the tables.

These events take place on a regular basis, running for an entire day, and if you are a customer at the very well-respected Bet365, or are considering becoming one, and you like to play table games, it is worth it to enter. Even if for no other reason than that you can make extra money while you are playing just like you would also play, which has the potential to reduce the overall house edge on these games.

One of the really attractive things about the Blackjack Bonanza is that while certainly blackjack is the game that has to be played, it is your choice as to which variation you want to work with. And keep in mind that Bet365, a major player in the casino industry, is powered by a number of online casino software providers, including Microgaming and Playtech, so you will have an awful lot of choice. Whether it's Blackjack, Blackjack 3-Hand, Blackjack 5-Hand, Blackjack Pro or Live Blackjack, it's going to count for you as you move up that leaderboard.