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$2.6 Million Big One Colossal Jackpot Won at Party Casino

By: Russell Potvin , Fri. Oct. 19, 2018

Big One Colossal Cash Jackpot Won

One lucky player changed their life for the better when managed to trigger The Big One Colossal Cash Jackpot at Party Casino this month.

The Big One Colossal Cash Jackpot was triggered by one lucky player at Party Casino. This sensational progressive jackpot provides the opportunity for players to win several lucrative jackpots and one player certainly had lady luck on their side when the Colossal Jackpot was finally awarded.

The player managed to walk away with a massive $2,652,606, making it one of the largest jackpots to ever be triggered. This multi-million dollar win will undoubtedly get a lot of attention as more and more players will try their luck to trigger this incredible progressive jackpot once more.

Previous Winnings on The Big Colossal Jackpot

Over the last few years, the Colossal Jackpot has appealed to thousands of players from across the globe in hopes that they'll eventually trigger this life-changing jackpot in a single spin. The latest progressive jackpot win was the 14th recorded win at Party Casino. There are loads of players that celebrated smaller wins while chasing the Big One Colossal Cash Jackpot, but the most recent win of $2.6 million is definitely worth mentioning.

On average, the progressive jackpot is triggered at around $3 million every 32 weeks. Obviously, the most recent win is smaller than the average payout but that's due to the fact that the progressive jackpot paid out 26 weeks ago where it awarded another player $1.5 million as well as the week prior to that where another player managed to win $3.2 million.

Games for the Big One Colossal Cash Jackpot

Players will be pleased to know that the Big One Colossal Cash Jackpot can be triggered on some of the best slots at Party Casino, including Space Venture, Melon Madness Deluxe, Melon Madness, Loot En Khamun, Luck of the Jackpot, Road Hogs, Going Nuts, Snow Business, and the Weather Man. Each of the 9 video slots is exclusive to Party Casino and provides players with a unique opportunity to trigger one of five jackpots which include the Colossal Cash jackpot, the Mega Cash jackpot, the Super Cash jackpot, the Quick Cash jackpot, and the Blitz Cash jackpot.

How to Win Jackpots

When placing a bet on any of the nine video slots, a small percentage of your bet will be contributed to the pot. Players are able to trigger any of the five progressive jackpots while spinning the reels. Those that place higher bets will obviously have a greater chance of walking away with one of the five progressive jackpots. Unlike other top casino software providers that require a bonus game to be unlocked or a certain combination of symbols to appear in a specific order, the Party Casino slots can be won at random, making them extremely appealing to online slot enthusiasts around the world.

Should one of the five jackpots be triggered; a message will pop up on the ticker situated below the reels. The base game will then transform into a progressive jackpot screen and every progressive jackpot will be displayed with its corresponding value. Players will also notice a wheel on the right-hand side of the jackpot screen which will start spinning to indicate the progressive jackpot that a player will claim. The best thing about these progressive jackpot slots is that more than one progressive jackpot can be triggered at the same time, making this one of the most captivating progressive jackpot slot series today.