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Go Hard in the Bet365 Dragon Master Baccarat Showdown

By: Russell Potvin , Sun. Dec. 07, 2014

Bet365 Dragon Master Baccarat Showdown

Baccarat is a game that doesn't often get a lot of attention when it comes to online casino promotions and bonuses.

The fact of the matter is that it's an easy game to learn how to play, and it provides payout rates that are really high compared to other table games. This is the reason why it's almost always just played for high stakes in land-based establishments, but you can play it for lower stakes online. But one big event has changed what people are used to in the Baccarat world.

The Dragon Master Showdown promotion by Bet365 is one of the biggest Baccarat promotions to ever happen. A total of $1 million in prizes will be given away total for this promotion, and since it's virtually unheard of for seven figures to be given to table game players to begin with, it's easy to see why this event has caught the attention of people who love the game. The way this event works is that there are three rounds. The qualifying round is all about getting on a leaderboard to get a piece of $15,000 in starter payouts for 200 players. This round went from June 12 to July 1.

Next up is the Divisional Round. For a four-day period, $570,000 in payouts will be split up among those 200 players who qualified in the previous round based on their play during this play period. After that, there will be different categories decided, and the top seven finalists will be chosen from the Divisional Round to play in the main showdown on July 11. The top player will be given $50,000 with a total of $126,000 being given away in this round. It's a crazy event with lots of chances to win life-changing sums of money.

One of the things that makes Bet365 Casino and all of their online properties so different is that they are very inclusive when it comes to promotions, deals and special offers. They offer deals for all kinds of players who like all different types of games at various stakes, and this seven-figure event for Baccarat shows that they take this seriously in everything they do. It'll be fun to watch the showdown and to follow your favorite players to see who is able to take down the top prizes in the finals, so make sure to keep an eye out.