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BC Resident wins 21m at PlayNow.com

By: Russell Potvin , Thurs. Sept. 01, 2016

BC Resident wins 21m at PlayNow Online Casino

Once again a huge winning claimed with the 6/49 lottery when he purchased ticket via Playnow Casino, which is owned by the B.C Lottery Corporation. This time, it was lucky heavy equipment instructor Robert Goertzen who discovered he won the huge lotto prize on the 20th of February 2016 after checking his tickets at a Real Canadian Superstore, which is also where he bought the lucky ticket package for just $21.

Robert claims to have felt famous in the store after he realized that he had won. People were coming up to him to shake his hand and congratulate while others asked for a photo with the new instant millionaire.

Robert, who now lives in Kelowna, has many great plans for the money he has just received. Surprisingly, he claims that he will keep working for his great boss and live a normal life in that regard. However, still being in shock with the huge win, other than a new diesel truck and ensuring his daughter gets the best education; he has no major plans for the millions that will soon be available in his bank account. The 44 year old says he has always been trying to save, but just never managed to get anywhere with it and lived paycheck to paycheck most of the time.

The new made millionaire is also planning to buy his girlfriend a brand new Jeep along with the other things mentioned above. As we can all imagine, there would also be a huge holiday coming up for the family and many other things that comes with the life of a millionaire. Robert says he will keep buying the lottery tickets as it has already become part of his weekly routine, but for now, he is planning to ask his bank what to do with the remaining millions and possibly make it grow to assist many generations to come.

The huge win occurred on the 6/49 lottery, which comes with a jackpot of at least $5 million with a guaranteed $1 million for each draw. Tickets start from just $3, consisting of a ticket with 6 lucky numbers and a 10 digit code that is used to see if you are the next huge winner. There are many smaller prizes available, but it all depends on the amount of numbers involved and how many others have won the same prize. Packages are also available, giving players a betting winning opportunity as more tickets are included, which is how Robert managed to trigger the massive reward.