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Aristocrat Reveals Their Latest Project; A Big Bang Theory Slot

By: Russell Potvin , Mon. Jan. 05, 2015

Aristocrat Big Bang Theory Slot

Aristocrat taps into one of the most popular North American television shows currently on the air to bring it's players a stunning new slot packed with bonus features.

Many online casino software developers look for licensed material to make the most of the exposure that the title can bring to them but Aristocrat has taken it to a whole new level by partnering with Warner Bros for the Big Bang Theory name. Get ready to spin and win with your favourite small screen nerds presented with 3D animation, authentic theme music, ten mystery bonus features, and up to four active reel sets. This is definitely a high quality addition to the developer's Wonder Wheel line of products.

It looks like Aristocrat has been doing their homework and finding out what players love, many chances to win lots of money through six different bonus rounds! Five of these are themed for the main characters and one for the overarching show itself, each with a fun name and a different way to get rewarded, including a progressive jackpot big enough to make you see stars.

Get Rewarded Bonuses And A Progressive Jackpot!

Raj Koothrappali's Scavenger Vortex has players picking scavenger items in order to uncover credits or the chance to Win All. Howard Wolowitz's Mystic Warlords Of Ka'a gives multiple card choices that could flip to show score multipliers and game credits. Penny Friendship's Paradigm feature gives five free spins with Scatter Pay on a set of four by four reels. Dr Sheldon Cooper's Roommate Agreement gives eight free spins with Reel Power. Large Leonard Hofstadter Collision gives free Mega Symbol spins with player selected options.

The best prize that's up for grabs comes from the sixth bonus round, the Big Bang Theory Progressive Feature. Seeding at $250,00, this ever growing jackpot can be won, alongside smaller game credit rewards after selecting their winning symbols. Unfortunately, as amazing as this and the other great additions to the game have made it, Aristocrat has yet to announce an online release date for the Big Bang Theory Slot.