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Bet on the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals with Confidence

By: Russell Potvin , Sun. Dec. 06, 2015

2015 Stanley Cup Betting Odds

The Stanley Cup finals are in full swing but for those who are looking to put down their bets, which is the safer team, the Chicago Blackhawks or the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Both teams have seen an equal amount of ice time in their journey from the start of the play offs to now with their series getting ready to wrap it up for the season and see who takes home the most treasured prize in the NHL. While Chicago is creating what may soon be a dynasty, topping out their conference with three championships as well as taking the Stanley Cup home twice in just the last five years, Tampa has been performing quite well in recent memory.

An Exciting Battle For The Final Stanley Cup Series

Both have been favourites throughout the push to the top of the game in 2015 but the Blackhawks have a much stronger pool of support form their fans and bettors looking to make the most of their wagers. They have the historical performance to inspire long standing confidence as well as a strong presence this season to reinforce it. The Lightning doesn't have the same support from the betting public but that may change as they continue to prove themselves as true contenders.

Although it's fairly clear from fan response and the odds that are being given through game to game and series handles that the Blackhawks are the favourites, this final set of games will still be a battle. The Lightning frequently shows that they have more than a few tricks up their sleeves to beat teams that are typically higher ranked, especially once they're at home on their own familiar ice. It's doubtful, given the at home ability of both teams, that the away team will ever be favoured between these two unless something major happens to one of the line-ups.

As for player response, those putting their money on the ability of individuals just can't seem to get their minds off of the Blackhawks. Defenseman Duncan Keith has churned out an amazing season, ending with his personal handle being almost twice any other player's at 375. Behind him is his team's captain, Jonathan Toews, as the second most favoured player to put money on. Overall, the Blackhawks are favoured by the betting community but the handles set by book makers at Sports Interaction have been a telling mark of who may come out on top in the end.