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By: Russell Potvin

Mise-O-Jeu is one of the leading sportsbooks for Canadian bettors and the site is operated in Quebec, offering a wide range of sports betting options that can generate some top payouts. The site offers much information that can be used to make informed decisions when betting and there are many global sports that are covered at the site. Licensed and regulated in Canada, this betting site caters to bettors from many locations and offers trusted and secure payment options. While there is no displayed welcome bonus for anyone that is signing up at the site, Mise-O-Jeu sportsbook does offer some special bonus offers that can result in the earning of free cash or free bet offers. The site is easy to navigate and has an appealing presentation. While it is not the largest betting site operating online, it does cater to Canadian bettors and offers some decent odds that can be enjoyed when betting on various events, games and matches. The site offers great levels of protection at all times and all personal and financial information will be securely stored and never sold or traded to any third party.

Pros and Cons for Mise-O-Jeu Sportsbook

  • Caters to Canadian bettors and covers a wide market of sports.
  • Secure, fast and trusted banking options and processing.
  • Easy to navigate site free from clutter and unnecessary content.
  • Mobile betting options are supported.
  • No welcome bonus for new members.
  • Limited bonuses and promotions being offered to returning bettors.
  • Small selection of markets and sports coverage compared to larger sites.

Mise-O-Jeu Betting Bonus and Promotions for Canada

Mise-O-Jeu may be a top-rated site for betting in Quebec, but unfortunately, the site does not offer any bonus for newly registered members. Unlike other online sportsbooks, Mise O Jeu Sports lacks any type of welcome bonus. However, there are trusted banking options and as soon as an account is funded, members can start placing wagers to generate payouts from the various sporting markets that are covered. In terms of bonuses and promotions, this is where the site greatly disappoints many bettors.

Many bettors who are looking for sports betting action will want the chance to redeem promos and member perks. Unfortunately, the sportsbook Mise-O-Jeu is not the site for these bettors. It does cover many of the leading sports that appeal to Canadian Bettors but the site does not offer many of the services and incentives as one would find at other sportsbooks in the industry. Anyone that is seeking a site that has ongoing and rewarding bonuses and promotions will be disappointed when they access the Sportsbook Mise-O-Jeu site as these are not things that are featured.

Mobile Betting

This online betting site does offer a mobile platform, but there is no specific app that is offered for Android or iOS users. However, by visiting the Mise-O-Jeu sportsbook page through a web browser, members can place bets on supported sports markets and can enjoy betting action. The mobile platform is designed just like the online platform and offers the same market coverage and betting options. Those that do not have an account at the sportsbook yet can use the simple and fast sign up process through the mobile device to get started. As with the online site, there is no welcome bonus or any listed promotions at this time, but all other aspects of the site remain the same. Mobile betting has become a popular option for Canadian bettors and at Mise O Jeu Sportsbook, there are always great events and games that can be enjoyed.

In Play Betting/Live Betting

One of the major lacks at Mise-O-Jeu is the fact that there is no live betting or in-play coverage. There are only standard sports betting options offered, so those that are looking for the excitement of live betting will be let down when they visit this online sportsbook. Unfortunately, Mise-O-Jeu has no intention of adding any in-play betting options in the future, so members will not have anything to look forward to. This is one reason many will pass by MiseOJeu Sportsbook and choose an online sportsbook that has much more to offer.

Mise-O-Jeu Sportsbook Interface

The overall interface at MiseOJeu Sportsbook is decent and the layout of the site is easy to understand and simple to navigate. In fact, there are not many options presented at all. All of the supported sports are listed to the left of the screen and the bet slip is on the right. Since the site does not offer promotions or in-play betting, there are not many menus to be used, so it is a very simple site that will meet the needs of new bettors or casual bettors that are not seeking the complex options of other sites that feature sports betting.

The markets that are covered do appeal to Canadian bettors as they include some of the most popular sports. Here, one can place bets on NHL, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Fighting, Car Racing, Tennis, e-Sports and NBA Basketball. Even though there are limited sports that are covered, the site can be beneficial to those that are just getting started with betting on sports online. With the easy to use layout and the limited selections, new bettors will not be overwhelmed and will have a better chance at learning how to bet since there are few options to complicate the process.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Mise-O-Jeu Sportsbook is not a typical online sportsbook. Members will have the ability to place real money wagers, but this sportsbook does not offer payouts. Instead, if a member has a winning ticket, they will have to print that ticket and bring it to a local lottery location in Quebec to receive any payouts. Since this is how the site operates, there are no supported withdrawal methods since funds cannot be received from the online sportsbook.

It is possible to place real money wagers online however and this can be done right after the creation of a Mise-O-Jeu Sportsbook account. Once an account has been created, members will be able to deposit funds into the account by clicking on Deposit. They will then be able to use a credit card, bill payment or INTERAC Online to make deposits to use on sports betting action at the site. Once betting selections have been made, members will just click on Purchase to complete the bet and the banking transaction will occur. This is all done securely as the site does use encryption software, so all payment information will be confidential and will be protected. The site does only allow members to bet in Canadian Dollars.

Customer Support

At Mise-O-Jeu Sports, there is always support services available for those that are new to the site or those that may have questions on how to bet and collect payouts. The support team is available by phone or mail only and it is also possible to receive assistance in person by visiting the Prize Claim Counter in Quebec City. This site does not offer email support or any live chat option. However, there is a great FAQ section that can be useful, especially for those that are brand new to the site and sports betting online. While the support team is not as accessible as at other online sites, members will be able to get the assistance they need in a timely manner. The support agents are highly trained and can assist with all aspects of betting at the site. Even though there is limited support, the support agents that are available work hard to ensure that each and every member at sportsbook Mise O Jeu has a positive experience when they are placing wagers at the site.

Our Casino Mise-O-Jeu Sportsbook Recommendation

This online sportsbook is quite different from other sites. It is not as complex and offers a very basic form of sports betting. The markets may be limited in comparison to other sites, but the leading sports are always covered. Unfortunately, members will only be able to place real money bets and will not be able to withdraw from the site. They must cash in any winning tickets in person in order to receive winnings from any bet that has been placed. Mise-O-Jeu may be a bit too simple for many bettors, but for those that are just getting started and reside in Quebec, it is a nice option. The lack of in-play and live betting is a major downfall as is the lack of any bonuses or promotions, so a number of bettors may find it better to pass over this site and find one that will cater to all of their needs as a complete online sportsbook.

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