CFL Betting Odds & Lines for Canada

By: Russell Potvin

CFL Football Betting Canada

CFL betting is gambling on the Canadian football league which happens during the summer months. There are provincial, regional, and national titles up for grabs each week during the season and there are plenty of betting lines that will allow you to get in on the action too. From July right the way through to Labour Day and on through to the Grey Cup in November, Canadians can bet on football and we have all the information you need on odds and more right here on this page.

CFL Betting Odds

For typical football games in Canada, the odds contain a number of elements. These makeup how they are shown at an online sportsbook. The first thing you will see is the date and time of the game. Most sportsbooks like the time in either Eastern or Pacific. Next, to the starting time, you will find the two teams playing in the game. The visiting team is usually listed above the home team. Next, to each team, there is a number listed. These are normally three digit figures and are the same across all online sports betting sites. To the right of each team, there is a point spread number with the favorite team having a minus sign in front of their number. The underdog will have a plus sign. Next, to the point spread number, there is another number. This may be -110 and this is what is known as the juice or the amount that you must wager. In the case of -110, you will have to place a wager of $110 to win $100. Knowing how to read the odds when you bet on the CFL is the first step to making your picks and a starting point for everyone.

Football Betting Lines

Lines are a part of the odds and they are listed as a set of plus and minus numbers for each team. If Team A is listed as +170 and Team B -200, these are the money line odds for the game being played. There are no points involved in these wagers and bettors are essentially placing a bet on who they think will win the game. In this example, a wager of $200 on Team B to win would get you $100. A wager on Team A to win with a bet of $100 would yield $170.

Canadian Football Spreads

In CFL betting there are no spreads and the main odds are money lines. This is due to the important of starting hurlers and you will find that each club's pitcher is listed. This means you are not betting on points and instead working with the money lines. Next to the money line odds, you will notice that the number 1.5 is listed beside each team. This is known as the run line and it gives gamblers the option to choose something besides the money line. In run line bets the favorite team will be listed at -1.5 runs while the underdog will be listed as +1.5 runs. With this bet on football, gamblers need their team to win by at least two runs.

CFL Betting Explained

When it comes to betting on the CFL there is no shortage of choice. Gamblers have a choice of spreads, over/under wagers, and more. Unlike the NFL though there are only three downs and the field is bigger. This means the game is wide open with more scoring, but on the plus side, it means bettors can expect big numbers and big spreads for those big wins. If you are just beginning to bet on football that odds that you find on sportbetting websites can be confusing. To help with this we have things explained below.

  • Point Spread: Unlike other sports such as NFL, there is no point spread when you bet on CFL. The main odds that you will find are money lines and this is due to the importance of starting hurlers in baseball. In point spread picks, all teams listed have the same odds but are differentiated by a plus or a minus sign so you can tell the underdog from the favorite. The favorite team has the minus sign. If you choose to bet on the favorite, you'll only win if you take the spread from the final score and the team has scored more points than the underdog. Your difference must be greater than the spread to win money.
  • Over/Under:The over/under bet on football is also known as total and you can place bets that the two teams involved in the game will combine to score over or under the predicted score. You are essentially predicting the outcome of the game.
  • Money Line: With the money line, you will see another set of plus and minus numbers listed for each team. These are the betting odds for the game. A money line doesn't involve points and with this type of bet, you are simply picking the team you want to win. For example, one that has -120/+110 means that a wager of C$120 is needed on the favorite team to win C$100 and a wager of C$100 on the underdog will win you C$110.
  • Futures:Futures betting is placing a bet on the future Grey Cup winner. The chances for these will change as the season progresses and these types of bets are always more lucrative if you pick the winner at the start of the season when the chances are highest.

Bet on Football

When it comes to betting on CFL it is import to note that once the season kicks off in July there are only 18 regular games before the playoffs begin. Once the first month is over, you'll have a good indication of how teams are holding up within the league. This will give Canadian football fans a good idea of what teams they should place their wagers on. There are some tips and strategies that can help you to bet on football and below you will find some advice on how to make your picks as well as predictions and trends.

The over/under bet is really popular when betting on CFL and it is easier to predict if the two teams will gather points or become locked in a defensive battle. You have to remember, in Canadian football you have a bigger field and bigger balls so there are plenty of big scores to be had.

Another good piece of advice and top tip for all those who want to bet on football in Canada is that weather plays a big part as the season moves forward. You need to take into account weather forecasts for the wind, rain, and even snow when making your gambling choices.

Knowing the trends and stats of the teams will also help. In the CFL, history runs deep and many of the league's rivalries have been building for years. Other things to take into account are home field advantage, win-loss records, and of course stay up to date on injuries.

The action continues throughout the summer culminating with the Grey Cup and the CFL's biggest prize. Be prepared for the bitter rivalry, weather chaos, and weird scoring plays. It all adds to the excitement and makes betting on CFL one of the most exciting events at any of our recommended online sportsbooks.

What are the Grey Cup Odds for 2024

The annual championship game is the Grey Cup, which takes place in November each year and predictions for 2017 are available right now. The CFL betting odds to win the 2017 Grey Cup outright show the Calgary Stampeders at 4.50, the British Columbia Lions at 5.50, Edmonton Eskimos at 6.50, Hamilton Tiger-Cats at 7.00, Ottawa Redblacks at 8.0, Montreal Alouettes at 8.50, Winnipeg Blue Bombers at 9.00, Saskatchewan Roughriders at 13.00, and the Toronto Argonauts at 13.00.

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