Word Candy

Word Candy
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : Core Gaming
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $ -
Word Candy

Word Candy Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

Word games like crossword puzzles, scrabble and more, may not even entirely be on the same breath as chocolates and sweets but seeing as the two can be a great pair in stimulating the mind, Core Gaming Software has made it a point to incorporate them in a single slot game - the Word Candy Slot Machine. The result of this idea is truly fascinating as it literally breaks the shackles of the norm in the online slots industry. In fact, many players may even be hard-pressed to categorize it in this kind of game, but truthfully speaking, this kind of unique games is something that other companies have also tried to traverse. The main question however still remains - did the brand successfully expanded its horizons in this type of games? See for yourself with the no registration and no download Word Candy Slot machine of the game that has attracted even the attention of Canadian gamblers.

Stimulate the Brain with Puzzles and Sweets

It may be just for some, but sweets and puzzles do get together perfectly and that's something that Core Gaming Software proves with their Word Candy Slot Machine. Its unique title is imbued with an astonishing overall gameplay, showcasing robust and solid graphics with twirls and straightforward designs that you'll surely love. It plays on an overall theme of purple with hypnotic animation and audios that will keep you playing the game more. The center of the game comes with a 10x10 grid where the words in each card you buy will appear. At the side comes the pay table, showcasing the jackpot of £60,000 with 12 words captured which lowers down the drain with less words. At the right of the grid comes the bar of chocolate that contains the card with the words you'd have to find. Each bite on the three-bar chocolate could get you a specific letter you'd use to find words. However, that requires incredible amount of luck while you'll find it easier to get three hidden cherries along the way for the impressive bonus of the game. The bonus gets you to a three-tiered cake and spinning lollipop. You get to spin the lollipop 3 times and it will spew random letters and if you luckily get a word from the cake, you'll be rewarded its corresponding prize. Though it's highly difficult to win the game, it's a huge plus to know that only £3 is what it takes for every round of 18 letters to get from the bar.

If you're looking for something more slot-like than the Word Candy Slot Machine, but is sweet just as it is, then the SkillonNet and its Sweet Insanity Reels will fit your needs. It comes with a 5-reel and 24-payline structure with a fluffy and cute environment which you'll surely find very motivating to play in. What's more is that a $12,000 jackpot prize awaits lucky players, making it very irresistible for a heap of wagers.

Bonuses, promotions and highly reputable stature in the industry is just part of the characteristics of William Hill Casino which is why it is where we recommend players to play Word Candy Slot Machine. It comes with exclusive bonuses to regular and high rollers, monthly promotions and a topnotch security to boot.