Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : Booming Games
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $0.03 - 3
  • # Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 15
Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

A life in the limelight is something that stars of today may find very far from their dream life, however, common individuals who aren't at stardom certainly has the stage as their goals not just for the money and luxuries in life but also for the glorious woes and fame one would receive while on top of the industry. An ever-dream for many has now become closer to one's grasp all at the Booming Games Software game, the Walk of Fame Slot Machine. A fleeting walk to fame may feel like eternity for some and a blink for others, but one thing for sure is that this isn't the limit of what this BG game offers. In fact, with a lucky strike of opportunity, you could turn to a star with it and bring home all the luxuries you could wish for. The Walk of Fame free play slot demo in this page require no download and no registration so you could try it out yourself.

Bathing under the Limelight

You'll surely feel like you're about to walk on the red carpet as soon as you see the loading page of the Walk of Fame Slot Machine. Generic threads of films scattered about on the screen with stars and a vibrant title placed firmly on the game. You'll once again be amazed by what Booming Games Software has reached through its years of operation as it yet again delivers a game that did not disappoint. Even the tune of the game will coincide seamlessly with your current limelight mood while a sparkling red curtain dazzles the stage brightly. The game may not be the most innovative and ravishing game with complex, detailed graphics and studded storyline, but it is evident that it comes with solid, rich and riveting colors, designs and symbols. All the goodness of the game is packed within a 5-reel and 15-payline structure with the control system that's known from the brand. The game even has the gamble option that's popular from BG games. Betting on max on the game, you'll see very luscious and lucrative card icons, silhouettes of stars for different genre, a star tile of your own and of course your own Oscar trophy. You'll also feel more like a star if you get the star tile and the Trophy on top of the reels as these two comes with very special effects with the former giving you a chance to get the 15000-coin jackpot of the game or complete winning combinations with its wild substituting capability and the latter granting you free spins.

If you want to feel the imelight of Hollywood, plunging yourself on an award show as exhibited by the Walk of Fame Slot Machine is one choice, but you could also indulge yourself and be part of Hollywood movies in Hollywood Reels slot, a 5-reel and 9-payline game from Amaya. You won't regret playing this game as it also comes with a staggering $62,500 jackpot prize.

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