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Vampire VS Werewolves

Vampire VS Werewolves
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : Amaya
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $0.02 - 5
  • # Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 20
Vampire VS Werewolves

Vampire VS Werewolves Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

No matter how complex and overly innovative the technology transforms throughout the tests of time, there are some things that will forever stay or if not forever, will still considerably last long. This is true when it comes to horror concepts as there are some horrifying creatures that have already gone down to history and has remained popular through centuries which includes figures like vampires and werewolves. This horrifying creatures are used by Amaya Software as the main characters in one of the horror-themed games, making way to a new title, Vampires VS Werewolves Slot Machine. This game will render you with spine-tingling action all covered in reels that are more than built to provide highly rewarding potential. If you're a bit apprehensive with the gloomy setup of the game and in doubt of its rewarding capability, feel at ease as you can play risk-free with the no registration and no download Vampires and Werewolves Slot Machine.

Spine-tingling Action and Horrifying Monsters

More often than not, slots go for something more vibrant, more fun and more user-friendly to allow users to focus on the spinning reels. However, there are those that would definitely prefer something a bit more electrifying and invigorating, and the best way to do that is to mix horror into the reels as what Amaya Software has done. This game that will give you goosebumps will welcome you to a completely dark world where you won't even be able to clearly see the surroundings - only the reels at the center and the controls are the most noticeable and visible elements. In this game with 5 reels and 20 paylines, the controls will give you valuable help to manage each risk you take in every spin. In the slots, there are ample card icons, gun, a vampire woman, a bible and a cross, sword and garlic. The leader of the werewolf and vampire faction are on top of these symbols as they both possess scatter capabilities that allows them to pay significant prizes randomly. There's also the bonus symbol, which when it luckily lands on the 2nd to 4th reel, would cause you to enter the game's wonderful bonus round that may even leave you with the 37,500 jackpot of the game.

Despite the horrors, the lucrative prize served by the game is more than enough to entice anyone to take a leap to the game. Another game with the same theme as this one is the Vampire Feast Slot from SkillonNet. Though it focuses on vampires, it comes in a compelling 3D visual graphics paired up with outstanding symbols and features that makes every spin more exciting. Not to mention, with the help of these special features, you could stand a chance to win up to $100,000, allowing it to exude an irresistible aura.

In a fight against monsters, the only thing you could do is find more advantage to help you deal with them and win the reels. The Cresus Casino is the best site to play this game at as its bonuses are enough to allow you to dominate its reels. It comes with outstanding 100% match-up to $150 while 20 free spins are also part of its welcoming bonus. It even has an irresistible and peerless VIP and Loyalty program to boot.