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Treasure Tomb

Treasure Tomb
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : 1x2
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $0.01 - 100
  • # Reels : 6
  • Paylines : 7
Treasure Tomb

Treasure Tomb Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

Experience the thrill as you explore the great depths of an ancient tomb to unravel the hidden treasures and gems on this new slot installment from 1x2 software. In Treasure Tomb slot machine, you embark on a journey full of booby trapped floors and walls to reach the sacred altar to secure the green eyes of the idol. You should stay alive as you venture the tombs and face all challenges Indiana Jones' style to get the top prizes and bonuses. Gear up and try this free play slot on this site - also available in different mobile platforms - with no download required.

Treasure Tomb Game Review

Unlike any other slot machines, Treasure Tomb is a bit different in terms of its gameplay. It has a 7x6 grid which serves as the main game screen. This is where your character starts to advance to the altar and get the treasured eyes. Your main goal is to reach the 7th tile forward to secure the Eyes of the Idol.

You could also move backwards or sideways the tiles to increase your total winnings but this could buy you more time and risk your chances of reaching the tomb.

You have 21 wagering options to choose from. Every move you make on the tiles can either win you a definite payout or instantly kills your character.

Your odds are shown on the right hand corner of your gaming screen. This shows the possible multiplier you might get as the game progresses. The higher the multiplier is, the more risk you might take.

Navigating through the Tomb

It is best to familiarize yourself on navigating at the tomb to succeed on reaching the tomb. Before you move from one tile to another, you get to see the risk value of the possible tiles you could move to by hovering through it. The blue and green tiles often offer the best survival odds at 1.5/1.

Other odds of survival include colored tiles like a yellow square with 2/1 odds, purple with 3/1 odds, and the red tiles with 5/1 survival rate.

After choosing your desired tile, you could just either win cash prizes or die instantly and lose all your accumulated winnings.

When you successfully reach the altar and secure the Eyes of the Idol, you will be rewarded with a 10% bonus of your total winnings. You could either collect it upon reaching the altar, or continue the game and lead your character back to the starting tile. The latter could win you more prizes, but may jeopardize all your winnings.

Other Tomb Adventures

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You may now try the demo version of Treasure Tomb slot machine in Stakes Casino with no registration requirement. All Canadian players are welcomed to play with real money wagers to get exclusive free spin and no deposit bonuses from the slot.