Snack Time

Snack Time
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888 Casino

Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : 888 holdings
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $0.25 - 250
  • # Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 5
Snack Time

Snack Time Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

The sight of a vending machine filled with foods or beverages is something that anyone would have definitely been familiar with already. This is especially true for those who always find themselves hungry and craving for some snack time. The 888 Holdings even used this daily concept and produced a noteworthy slot machine that many wagers have set their eyes on, even Canadian gamblers - the Snack Time Slot Machine. The game is incredibly impeccable and it truly sets another mark of advancement for the 888 brand. Anyone could relate to it and the fact that its uniqueness knows no bounds make it a great target for those who'd love to indulge on an invigorating experience. The Snack Time Free play slot demo in this page requires no registration and no download, which means that you could strive to review the game immediately and see what makes this machine tick.

Wait for Snacks to Fall

Breaking away from the norm of slots, the Snack Time Slot Machine takes pride in its compelling graphics topped with its exceedingly unique features. The vending machine that would appear right before your eyes would surely make you drool in excitement, but the beauty of the game lies further than that. The game comes with a setup that's unique to even the most seasoned professionals as it is not constrained with the bindings of pay lines. Here, the chance of winning only relies on 5 different winning combinations and that winning combination could be in any position on the reels. Each reel also has equivalent multipliers that could multiply the amount you've bet, but the highest ones that you should wish to land on your reels are the lollipop and the bottled and canned beverage. If you have a miraculous act that could award you with two or even three winning combinations in one spin, you'll be granted with a super combo and mega combo bonus, respectively. There's even the super mega combo that would be awarded for those who get 4 or even more combo in a single spin. These combos reward re-spins, which would undeniably increase your chances of winning more.

A game such as this Snack Time slot machine is certainly hard to find and that's testament that the game is unique and a cut above the rest in the industry. However, if you want something that would introduce you to a Snack slot, then why not try the Crazy Pizza Slot from Gamescale? The game comes with a classic approach with the reels on actual machine. The game's theme is evident from its title alone and the symbols range from the completed pizza down to different ingredients. The game may not be as compelling as Snack Time and only has a puny $200-jackpot, but it still proves to be great game to pass your time with and enjoy.

More prizes up for grabs would never fail to keep anyone hooked to a game, but it is also important to increase your winning chances and you could do that by playing Snack Time Slot machine at 888 Casino. Whether its top security you're looking for, supreme line of bonuses from no deposits bonus, match-up and more, or its impeccable customer service - this establishment has them all to provide you with the most phenomenal experience.