Honey Bee

Honey Bee
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : Merkur Gaming
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $0.05 - 10
  • # Reels : 3
  • Paylines : 5
Honey Bee

Honey Bee Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

It is safe to say that the gambling industry had already taken a bite in almost every theme and subject you can think of, including even insects. One particular insect that many would surely be hesitant to approach are bees but, with the Merkur Gaming product, the Honey Bee Slot Machine, you may just switch your thoughts to the total opposite side. This game will showcase just how vital the role of bees is in our world jam-packed with a very rewarding gameplay that will make your experience more worthwhile. Check out what more the game has to offer with its lush setup through the Honey Bee free play slot demo. No download and no registration is needed to take a glimpse of this game and experience the fun it brings - just enjoy its deluxe experience and don't fear the bees.

The Lush Environment of Bees

Nature really does have a way of doing things in a completely balanced manner. Despite being quite dangerous, bees have become essential for flowers to bloom, for it to bear fruits and even become the source for new life. All of this idea is wonderfully augmented into the setup of the Honey Bee Slot machine. It will take you to a verdant forest with the lush grasses as the background the game. You can see the soil from your perspective along with several black ants crawling but, what you have to focus on is the simple yet solid reels of the game. It may not be the most awe-inspiring graphics but, it is paired up with a straightforward gameplay and intuitive controls. It only has 5 payline in play which is also fixed, while betting range can be manipulated up to 10 credits per spin. High rollers may not be in it to win it but, it would surely provide a thrilling experience nevertheless. With the importance of bees to the production of fruits, the game may have looked like a partial fruit-themed game. There are cherries, orange, strawberry, watermelon and even classic symbols like star and bells. There's also the sunflower symbol with a thousand credits to reward you with, while a Honey Bee Feature stands on top of them as the special feature that can grant free spins. The sunflower symbol also has a hidden card up its sleeves, in the form of a whopping array of multipliers that will undeniably make your winning prize more gargantuan than you'd hope - if you're lucky enough.

If you want to take a look at the colony itself rather than the Honey Bee Slot Machine perspective on their role, then the Bees Buzz Slot from SkillonNet would surely be the game you'd put your pennies on. It strives to serve you with a scenic view of the bee colony with verdant forests at the back. Its 5-reel and 10-payline matrix is equipped with a wide array of bee-related symbols, each playing their role to get you up to 5000x jackpot.

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