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Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : Genesis
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $2.7 - 1352
  • # Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 25
Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

With its gorgeous graphics and animation, Hansel & Gretel slot machine will really draw you in. The game from Genesis Gaming appears to be straightforward enough, but don't be fooled by that simplicity. Chances are, you will spend a lot of hours in this game without realizing it. Play the demo on Slots Million Casino so you can try this game for yourself. Slots Machine Casino offers a free welcome bonus of $100 cash as well as 100 free spins, which you can get every month. There are over 1,100 games here and the titles cut across all genres, whether sports, horror, movies, celebrities, cartoons, and adventure, so you won't have a hard time choosing a game that fits your tastes.

Hansel & Gretel Slot Machine Review

In the fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel are siblings who were left behind by their evil stepmother in the dark woods to die because they were hogging all the food. The two kids of a poor woodcutter found a house in the forest made entirely of cookies and candies. It's apparently owned by a witch who plans on eating the two. They outwitted the witch and escaped.

In the Hansel & Gretel slot machine, you will have to help the two kids escape the clutches of the witch and prevent them from being dinner.

This is an entirely new game, released only this year, which explains the advanced graphics. There are five reels with 10 active pay lines in this slot. You can make a wager from 1 coin up to 10 coins per line, but you have to play all 10 lines--so this will still be interesting whether or not you are holding tight to your coins, or money is no object. And as with all slots, you want to get matching symbols across the line.

This game, however, offers more than one chance at winning major prizes. Instead of getting the winning combination on the first reel, the game puts stock more on the winning combination regardless of where it lands on the pay line.

If you are a betting man, and the fact that you're reading this means that you are, what you want is to get Hansel and Gretel for a bigger reward. The Logo, however, is the money maker as it can multiply your bet by 400x.

Game Comparison

Fairy tale themes, such as the Hansel & Gretel slot machine, are very popular games in casinos. You can certainly compare this to the Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood, which features five reels and 20 pay lines. This one can be played on multiple platforms like the desktop and mobile, so it's very convenient. There's also Once Upon a Time, which can also be played on mobile with no registration and no download. This one also has five reels and 20 pay lines.