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Fumis Fortune

Fumis Fortune
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : Amaya
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $0.01 - 20
  • # Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 25
Fumis Fortune

Fumis Fortune Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

With the continuous and relentless progress of Amaya Software in the industry, it is hard not to expect great things from what they provide. However, from now and then, there will always be those that will prove to be lackluster at first sight and will be left to users for them to judge themselves. However, by no means are this games mediocre - a great example of it is the Fumi's Fortune Slot Machine. This game simply doesn't have the prowess to be as eye-catching as the most formidable games from this gigantic brand, but beneath those lackluster qualities, there are sweet features that may just be to your liking. Though that is not guaranteed itself, the best way to know if it's up to your taste is by playing the game here with the Fumi's fortune free play slot demo. Whether you're Canadian or not, this version is hassle-free and you need no registration and no download to proceed.

Overcoming Fumi's Fortune Obstacles

The game provides a good start to look forward to with its crisp and robust graphics, infused with an array of vibrant colors that will surely get you to the mood to spin the reels. The background plays with contrast of black and purple, creating a magnificent scene that highlights the center where the reels lie. It is evident that though many is disappointed with the graphics, it is still worthy of the software's prestige. The 5-reel and 25-payline system and the controls of the game is also comprehensive enough to provide a betting range that can cater to all and hit up to 500 coins per spin. There's also an auto-play feature that could get you going even if you need to rest or do other things as you spin the reels. The game is also all about a gameshow environment that can be comparable to Takeshi's Castle. Though it may not be that evident at first, you'll surely be able to notice it the more you engage the reels. In the game, you'll see card icons fancily designed to complement the game, scintillating lights, Fumi, Aki and a helpful Wild Symbol. In each spin, free spins are also given out in a random fashion and if you're lucky, Fumi and Aki could also turn Wild aside from the existing Wild Symbol. From these, it is evident that there's a fine set of surprises in this game, making it worthy to check out even with its trifling jackpot prize.

The Fumi's Fortune, though loosely-based from Takeshi's Castle, is a fantastic gameshow-themed game. Aside from it, who would forget the Wheel of Fortune Slot from IGT when it's about gameshows? This game comes with a simple 5-reel and 5-payline matrix but its prizes is definitely more exciting than you'd think. There are plenty of symbols and features that will complete your experience here, while a whopping $50,000 jackpot is for those that could tap to utmost of their luck.

If you want to conquer Fumi's Fortune Slot Machine and its obstacles, rising to its top and garnering its jackpot, then the best way is to play it through the Cresus Casino. This site blesses its players with stunning match-up promotions, free spins bonus and more, all while keeping them safe and secure through various features.