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Fortunes of the Amazons

Fortunes of the Amazons
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : Amaya
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $0.02 - 0.25
  • # Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 50
Fortunes of the Amazons

Fortunes of the Amazons Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

The resounding beauty of the Amazonas have reached even the far corners of the earth and has become something that would make a man's heart skip a beat especially if a lucky opportunity comes that you'll be able to lay eyes on one of them. Fortunately, extreme luck and privilege has been granted to the gambling scene as wagers got Amaya Software at their back with its superb Fortunes of the Amazon Slot Machine. If you think that a single Amazon from a tribe full of women is already good enough, then you'll surely jump in joy as you enter the mystical forest of this beauty and saw three of them that's ready to play with you. The question however, is if you have the guts to spin their reels? The Fortunes of the Amazon free play slot demo in this page will grant you with the chance to take a peek in this game's world with no registration and no download required.

A Tribe full of beauties

In the world of the Amazon and the fierce wilderness, strength is all that matters and as you enter the game's world that's currently plunged in a battlefield, you'll be tasked to prove yourself to the plethora of women of the tribe. As you're introduced to the battlefield, you'll see the pristine background of the game showing a clear sky and the vast grasslands. There are also weapons lying about which permeates an aura that will make you realize that you're really at the middle of war. At the center of the game, you'll be able to prove your strength and luck as you spin the reels and hope that you find the things that will undoubtedly bring forth massive improvements to the tribe's fighting force. In the reels, there are three different beauties with diverse appearances from a bland, a feisty Latina and an Asian-looking warrior. The game's compelling and breathtaking graphics is to-die-for and therefore, you could expect that these beauties are rendered in the most valiant way. Even the audio of the game amplifies its atmosphere while symbols from various weapons and accessories will give you additional strength and beauty to adore. In the game, there's also the game's symbol that costs 2500 coins and a wild symbol with the same prize, but with a special substitution capability. The warrior with an arrow on the other hand, provides entry to a bonus round that'll get you juicy multipliers.

Aside from feisty and alluring beauties, the amazon also comes with divine creatures and overall environment. The Secrets of the Amazon from Playtech is something that you'll surely love as it visually on par with the Fortunes of the Amazon Slot Machine. It has a 5-reel and 20-payline structure with special symbols to give way to an amplified winning chance topped with a jackpot prize that can hit up to 50,000 coins for the luckiest winner of the game.

In the battlefield, you can't always rely on luck so we always recommend players to play the Fortunes of the Amazon through the Cresus Casino. Through this, you'll be well-prepared with its vast promotions and programs. You'll be worry-free with its cutting-edge security and customer service while a multi-software platform leaves you with plenty of games to pick from.