Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice
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Game Information

  • Type : slots
  • Software : Amatic
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $1 - 5
  • # Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 20
Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

Even the most classic games could appear one of the most innovative when infused with dramatic settings that far surpasses what's been known from the classic and olden times. You may think that it's no easy feat, but Amatic Software has achieved it through the development of their grand reels, the Fire and Ice Slot Machine. The name says it all about what this game is centered on, and with the two opposing elemental forces present, it is to be expected that the oppressive behavior of the two would create havoc and opportunities that any wager would love to take advantage of. Whether you're a Canadian wager who loves classic games or one who's been dying to play something more innovative, you can get that in this heavenly game. You could even try it out devoid of any risk with the Fire and Ice free play slot demo right here. With no registration and no download needed, you could focus on enjoying to review the game.

Battle of Two Elemental Powers

Like Yin and Yang, Fire and Ice balance out each other to the point that the concept has more often than not, been used in varieties of literature and art forms. Still, this concept imbued on the waging industry and embedded on a classic outset is something that any wager would look forward to. Entering the grand domain of the two, it is apparent from the title that the battle between the fire and ice is ongoing. The game runs on a black backdrop to accentuate the vivid colors present, while the reels as well contains quite a lot of symbols that inclines more to the classical side rather than the theme of the game itself. Still, the game's 6-reel and 20-payline matrix makes it apparent that winning in this game is a big possibility while the control system makes it easy for anyone to make changes to your betting conditions. Some of the symbols in the game includes lemon, cherry, watermelon, grapes, orange, Bar and Lucky 7. There's also the two differently-colored star symbols infused with bonus powers that grants plenty of free spins. It is also the wild of the game with substituting capability, making it apparent how special these symbols are. If you are courageous enough, you could take the battlefront again and risk your winning spin in the game's gamble option.

The bout between the two elements in Fire and Ice Slot Machine, without a doubt, is something that would make anyone weak in the knees, however, it may not be as illustrious as most games today. The Elements Slot Machine from Net Entertainment tackles elemental prowess with a galactic outset, making it apparent that the game strives to reach out to those people who'd love to play something more awe-inspiring. Aside from this, the game even comes with a whopping 300,000 jackpot, which already contains plenty of convincing prowess just with this alone.

Make the most out of your time and make sure that you're spinning the reels with the greatest odds of winning, by taking advantage of our commendation and playing the Fire and Ice Slot Machine in Mars Casino. With a dollar-for-dollar promotion for your initial deposit up to $400 and 50 free spins sbonus, playing the game here will surely set you to a great start.