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Bingo Classic
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Game Information

  • Type : bingo
  • Software : 1x2
  • Demo Mode : Yes
  • Min/Max Bet : $na - na
Bingo Classic

Bingo Classic Game Review

By: Russell Potvin

If you are a Canadian gambler who wants to break away from slot machines and try something different, then Bingo Classic from 1x2 Gaming gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. The word "Bingo" is a little misleading since this title is a digital Keno game, but it is easy to play and easy to learn. Bets per game start at just $0.05, but if you are feeling particularly lucky, you can spend up to $20.00. Try a Bingo Classic free play demo right here!

The game itself is visually pleasing; you will see a well-dressed "host" between your card and the payout table. Although you do not have the option to choose your own numbers, you can continue to click "New Card" until you see 15 numbers you like. There are a total of 90 balls in the virtual machine, and once you click "Play", the game starts. The goal is to successfully cross off all of the numbers on your card using as few balls as possible, and the highest payout occurs when you can do this in 40 balls or less.

There are three different game speed options. By simply clicking "Play", you will see the balls roll out one by one. If you choose "Turbo", this speeds things up significantly, allowing you to play more rounds in a shorter period of time. For those who have little patience, the "Instant" button does exactly what you'd expect - it shows all of the numbers instantly, allowing you to claim a prize or choose a new card in just a matter of seconds. This game is certainly a lot of fun, and it's a great way to pass the time as you enjoy blackjack or poker on another site. Although the ability to choose your own numbers would have revved up the excitement a bit, there is still plenty to see and do - and a jackpot worth up to $10,000.